Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup

Fall Cleanup – Proudly Serving Southern Maine 34 Years!

A Fall Cleanup by 207 Lawn Care is a meticulous Fall Cleanup! Serving Biddeford, Saco, Buxton, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells, Maine Since 1984!

A Fall Cleanup is not simply for the sake of appearance. A Fall Cleanup is necessary to maintain the health of a lawn and landscape. You are doing your lawn and landscape a disservice allowing leaves to remain over winter. The reason for this is that you may be smothering your lawn and landscape. You may also be acidifying your lawn

Leaves, when moisture saturated release an acid tea into your lawn. Most grasses perform best in low acid to moderately alkaline soil ph. Therefore, you may be sabotaging efforts to build your dream lawn.

We at 207 Lawn Care invest in professional equipment that removes leaves quickly. This equipment is built to be efficient without compromising a great job. We frequently receive positive customer comments on our Fall Cleanup jobs. We ensure that majority leave removal is accomplished before old man winter arrives.

Please call us early for your Fall Cleanup

Our customers often comment on how meticulous their lawn and landscape looks upon completion. We respectfully ask that new customers contact us early to ensure best service. Best time to call 207 Lawn Care is when leaves change color.

207 Lawn Care will clean up your lawn as if it were ours. 

We welcome the opportunity to transform your lawn and landscape with a Fall Cleanup. If you reside in Biddeford, Saco, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells and surrounding Southern Maine communities we would love the opportunity to serve you. Let us show you why 207 Lawn Care is a cut above the rest.

Fall Cleanup – 207 Lawn Care – 34 Years Experience For You

  • In the business for over 34 Years we believe that makes a statement about commitment.

  • This is not a hobby.. this is not a part time job… nor is this a seasonal job to tide us over to the other side.

  • We at 207 Lawn Care are “Commercial Grade”..

  • We invest in our business that we may serve you to the best of our ability….

  • We are responsible enough to carry insurance..

  • We don’t hire “under the table” creating a false sense of security that we are “The Lowest Price In Town”…

  • If you desire to hire the low baller you just may get what your paying for…

  • If quality, peace of mind, and service is of value and you want to give this husband and wife team a try…


Either way, we at 207 Lawn Care sincerely wish you well


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