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Fertilizer is a vital component to building a healthy vibrant lawn. Like all living things grass requires nourishment to survive and thrive. The fact is that not all fertilizers are created equal. It’s important to select fertilizers that nourish grass while maintaining soil integrity.

Quality Fertilizer doesn’t cost it pays 

Unfortunately everything we purchase is rising in cost with no end in sight. Fertilizer is no acception  to the rising costs dilemma. The mistake we often make is to opt for the cheap way out. Straight chemical fertilizers will often give your lawn a jolt. The long term trade off though is that the soil will eventually suffer. Weed and feed fertilizers and insect control is very harsh to lawn & environment. Unfortunately these products if abused will also kill natural organisms in the soil.

There are friendly critters residing in the soil 

A healthy soil is teaming with life that assist a healthy lawn. When a chemical fertilizer is applied regularly this natural ecosystem is compromised. More severe chemicals result in death to the soil eventually. When this occurs your lawn is dependent upon the poisonous chemical cocktail.

Cheaper fertilizer is most always not better in the long run

An example is that when we drink soda pop we experience a high. Most of us will also experience a crash when the sugar affect wears off. If we were to consume that Soda on a regular basis dependence would likely set in. Over time dependence on the addictive substance would affect our health. Grass is a living organism reacting similarly when exposed to engineered nutrition.

Saving money bypassing healthier fertilizers is not wise

 Consciousness and courtesy for our environment and health

Having a perfect weed free lawn comes at a very high price. What good are the bragging rights if consumer choices cause harm? Society states we have a right to purchase the chemical cocktail. What about the underlying understated responsibility to those beyond our property boundary?

     Chemical lawn cocktails are simply not worth the price

  • There are alternatives that will lessen and even eliminate the wrath we are creating.

  • We should Explore products, techniques, and methods that produce results.

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