Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation Southern Maine by 207 Lawn Care – 35 Years!

Lawn Renovation Southern Maine – 207 Lawn Care building Lawns in Biddeford, Saco, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells, Buxton, Alfred, Sanford since 1984!

Indeed; Lawn renovation Southern Maine is an excellent service if you want to keep your yard at it’s best. Furthermore; We are always gratified at 207 Lawn Care when improving our customer’s surroundings. And, having a beautiful yard isn’t reserved for the affluent any longer. In other words; a striking yard is accessible to anyone willing to commit. So; building the lawn of your dreams is within reach!  

Lawn Renovation Southern Maine – A Reality Check

We at 207 Lawn Care won’t say we’ll wave a wand and voila instant lawn! Moreover; we won’t be throwing seed on your lawn and say, see you later either. Consumers often quit achieving success in their yard because they do it themselves. Moreover; many do nothing at all until the lawns condition becomes unavoidable. Furthermore; It’s a rare occurrence for a do it yourself homeowner to achieve lasting success to save a dollar. And when a lawn is struggling, there’s often a chemical cocktail involved.

Don’t Be Deceived

The appearance of a healthy lawn doesn’t necessarily mean what you see before you are healthy! Fact is; Madison Avenue branding tactics have brainwashed us into believing that instant gratification is king. Furthermore; there’s no wisdom applied when lawn care procedures focus on instant success. Also; short-term eye appeal at the expense of long-term failure is foolhardy. Yes, immediate gratification means just that! Customers can sometimes get disgruntles when their lawn doesn’t instantly compare with their neighbors.

Moreover; the look of a chemical fed grass and soil next door often masks damage to the ground. Frequently; our culture’s deceived us. Yes, tricked us into thinking if it’s not instant it’s a waste of money. We want it now, it better be cheap and beautiful – Right?  So; 207 Lawn Care does not aspire to this foolhardy approach.

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Mother Nature Has Her Timetable

We at 207 approach lawn renovation in a natural progressive manner. Furthermore; Chemically abusing a lawn has its limits. And it may take time to reverse the damage done to the soil. And if you have two inches of topsoil, we can build it up over time.

Lawn Renovation Southern Maine – Commitment Is Key  

Lawn renovation in Southern Maine is not much different than any other worthwhile commitments. Example; if we as consumers buy a car and don’t make our payment – the bank sends a tow truck. Or if we don’t pay our rent – we get an eviction notice. In other words; failure to act has its repercussions. Maintaining your lawn and landscape has its rewards. And if poisoned and allowed to decline – well, you get the picture!


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Ask Yourself

  • Does your lawn cry at night, (due to lack of care) waking up your neighbors?
  • Have local airplane pilots knocked on your door asking to use your lawn as a landing strip?
  • Is your turf so bad that applying lawn chemicals now creates an explosive reaction?
  • Has the owner of the local junkyard asked you if he can use your yard as an annex?
  • Are lawn rodents knocking on your door asking if they can move due to poor living conditions?
  • Has pest management conducted experiments on your lawn to study unusual creatures residing there?
  • What about Elvin and the Chipmunks? Have they knocked on your door demanding improved conditions for relatives?
  • Has Bambi run through your picture window handing you a slum lord of the year award?

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