Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation

Lawn Renovation Will Transform Your Yard


 Not responsible for laughter from reading this page 

Building the lawn of your dreams with Lawn Renovation

We at 207 Lawn Care are gratified when resurrecting a lawn. Building the lawn of your dreams with lawn renovation isn’t a dream. Building the lawn of your dreams isn’t a goal reserved for others.  Building the lawn of your dreams is within reach!

Lawn Renovation – A reality check

207 Lawn Care won’t tell you we will waive a wand and voila instant lawn! We won’t throw seed on your lawn and say see you later. Consumers often quit achieving a beautiful lawn because they do it themselves. A healthy, beautiful lawn is rarely built by the weekend warrior. And when it looks like it is, there’s often a chemical cocktail involved.

The illusion of a healthy lawn in not a healthy lawn! Madison Avenue tactics have brainwashed us into thinking that instant is King. And when instant gratification isn’t provided we assume something’s wrong. Our culture’s deceived us into thinking, if its not instant its not attainable. We want it now, it better be cheap, it better be beautiful.. Right? We at 207 Lawn Care do not aspire to this foolhardy approach.

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Mother nature has her own timetable

We at 207 Lawn Care approach Lawn Renovation in a natural progressive manner. If your lawn has been toxically abused it will take time. If you have two inches of topsoil we can build it up over time.

Lawn Renovation – Commitment is Key  

Lawn renovation is really not much different than any other worthwhile commitments. If we as consumers buy a car and don’t make our payment – bank sends a tow truck. If we don’t pay our rent – we get an eviction notice. Failure to act has it repercussions.  Maintaining your lawn and landscape has its rewards – if poisoned and allowed to decline… well you get the picture!

Ask Yourself

  • Does your lawn cry at night, (due to lack of care) waking up your neighbors?
  • Have local airplane pilots knocked on your door asking to use your lawn as a landing strip?
  • Is your lawn so bad that applying lawn chemicals now creates an explosive reaction?
  • Has the owner of the local junk yard asked you if  he can use your yard as an annex?
  • Are lawn rodents knocking on your door asking if they can move in citing poor living conditions?
  • Has pest management conducted experiments on your lawn to study unusual creatures residing there?
  • Has Elvin and the Chipmunks knocked on your door demanding improved conditions for relatives?
  • Has Bambi run through your picture window handing you a slum lord of the year award?


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