Top Soil

Top Soil

Top Soil – Vital Optimum Lawn

Your soil is the foundation to building a healthy, vibrant, sustainable lawn. Quality top soil is vital for building an optimum lawn. I repeat, Quality Soil is Vital for building an optimum lawn!  Equally important is the proper depth of this soil. We at 207 Lawn Care produce quality fertile soil for our customers.

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Desire to save on Soil and making Sense of the Senseless

We live in an educated society where those of influence often decide for us. I sometimes wonder why wisdom is absent from critical procedures. Why is wisdom is not present involving procedures that make the societal engine run?

Many of us are driven and possessed with saving money. Since we drive the economy, manufacturers have no incentive to provide quality. The reason – We have somehow convinced ourselves that paying less is best. I wonder if manufactures given the chance would prefer providing quality goods. No, I am not off course as you may think. This background information is relative to producing quality top soil.

Thirty two years of providing lawn and landscape services have taught me much. The travesty is that we have brought this upon ourselves as consumers. Developers often strip soil from land leaving a bare minimum of top soil.

If the land was farmed, profits selling excess soil can be astronomical. Consumers often tend to skimp on top soil when building a lawn. They will shop to secure top soil at the lowest price possible. It is beyond us how anyone would want to purchase cheap topsoil.

Purchasing the best top soil available is wise and prudent. And purchasing cheap top soil to save money is simply foolhardy. The goal is to build the foundation for your lawn. The money saved will be in the long term, if a sound foundation is laid.

Topsoil – In The End We Often Get What We Pay For

“There should be no recourse when we pay chicken price expecting filet minion”


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